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My Testimony

On Sunday, July 6, 2008, I had the great privilege of sharing my testimony with the congregation of Braeswood Church, where my brother Steve Banning is Senior Pastor. These dear brothers and sisters in Christ have been endlessly faithful in praying for our family, and in encouraging us on this journey.

Steve has shared the video of my testimony on his church’s website, and I thought you might also like to hear how my Heavenly Father has been looking after me.

PS: Please note that I made a mistake when I said that the diagnosis was given to us on the last day of August. Actually, the diagnosis was made on the last day of April.

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  1. November 18, 2008 3:16 pm

    Hi Lori! So glad you found my blog because it brought me to you. Your testimony speaks volumes to me! What an Awesome God we serve, able to do all things…things that seem impossible!
    I will pray that your body will be 100% whole.
    This encourages me so much, because I am clinging to Jesus-with the hope of a physical healing…to be free from the muscle disease I have.
    I am thrilled your brother captured this video-it is very powerful!!! God bless you!

  2. November 18, 2008 10:31 pm

    Dear Lori,
    Your testimony is a moving testimony of love and strength and I write you in tears – I join in continuous prayer for you and rejoice in your healing – As the comment above states: “What an Awesome God we serve…”

    I too am a survivor – the doctors at Long Island Jewish hospital were convinced that I would never have children and guess what? Like you, I didn’t take any drugs but also didn’t undergo the surgery they suggested as well and … ten years later I gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby girl and you know what I did, don’t you… I went back to those surgeons to show them the power of our Lord.

    God bless you and I will be back!
    In His Love,

  3. November 21, 2008 4:05 pm

    Lori, what a powerful testimony; I’m so glad my blogging buddy Lori Laws of Persevere directed me to your video. I recently wrote a post on my blog called “All We Can Do is Pray” in which I reminded myself and all Christians not to relegate prayer to a solution of last resort. Prayer is powerful because God is listening, and your testimony shows that. God bless you, Lori. I’m praying for your abudant health and full recovery, in Jesus’ name.

  4. November 21, 2008 8:48 pm

    Hi Lori, I am so happy for you and your family for having the LORD heal you like he did, our God is an Awesome God! Thank you for sharing that with the world!

    Being a Cancer survivor of 23 years, I have been through alot to say the least. But I most admit it has made me a better person. From all the trials I have faced in my life, I have been blessed with Godly character. I pray that one day he will take all the pain away and that I will still be around to see his glorious return!

  5. November 22, 2008 11:48 am

    Hi Lori! This is an amazing testimony about the power of prayers and trusting God about His plan. God is really good. He is the Doctor of all doctors. It is true that we take medicines and undergo treatments to be healed but we should always remember that those things are just the instruments of our Father. God works in many ways, not even the best medicine or the best doctor can help us without the healing from HIM.

    I am amazed that you didn’t have to take pain killers. God is amazing.

    God bless you more Lori!

  6. November 22, 2008 7:10 pm

    Hello Lori,

    I was introduced to your blog by Lori from persevere. What an awesome testimony. Praise the Lord for your Healing. May God give you total wholeness of health to your body In Jesus Name! Our Great God is still in the business of healing and miracles. It was so good to hear your praise report.

    May God continue to bless you and make His face to shine upon you! 🙂


  7. November 24, 2008 5:46 pm

    Dear Lori,

    I also was introduced to your website via Lori Laws at PERSEVERE. I am so glad I took her recommendation and stopped by to hear your testimony, I have tears in my eyes. Your faith and love of the Father is so beautiful to see and I believe He has great, wonderful things in store for you. Thank you for sharing your story and may God continue to infuse you with the cleansing and healing blood of Jesus Christ through and through!

    I look forward to stopping by again to read more of your blog.


  8. December 6, 2008 10:27 pm

    Hi, Lori! It’s so good to meet you. Thank you for your kind words on my site regarding my email.

    I just watched your testimony and am amazed by what God has done and is doing in your life, though I certainly should not be amazed, just grateful and thankful.

    I will share your testimony with my friend whose dad is currently battling cancer.

    God bless you, Lori, and I hope we can stay in touch! I will be praying for you.

  9. Shelia permalink
    December 7, 2008 7:52 am

    Hi Lori,
    im the one shawna told you about.. my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer about a month ago, it was the small cell, we done all kinds of prayers for him and Thank God it is that one spot only it had not spread he has went thru his first round of chemo, and it is making him so sick… naseau, just tired …. and also takes radiation, twice a day.. so if you would just keep my dad in your prayers as you are praying… God is the Great Physician… thanks.. i VERY enjoyed your testimony, and when my dad is done, he is going to have a testimony also… 🙂 just pray…

  10. December 16, 2008 11:50 pm

    Hi Lori!
    Amazing testimony, you will be in my prayers! With God, All things are possible! I’m going to forward your Blog to my sister. She was diagnosed with breast cancer HER2/NEO already in lyph nodes.(very aggresive cancer). Almost 5 years later post surgery/chemo/radiation she is doing great and cancer free! This disease CAN and WILL be beat! God Bless You and Keep The Faith, again, you are in my prayers tonight.

    p.s. I found you on linkReferral, I see you have been to Lori Laws Blog, Persevere, she is a great inspiration and sister in Christ.
    God Bless!


  11. February 17, 2009 8:33 pm

    Lori (Joy),
    Thank you for visiting my website. It’s so fun to meet new friends through Christ by a new ‘stranger’ visiting my site, which in turn makes me visit theirs. Let me know if I can add your testimony to my blogroll….also, I didn’t see a follower list for you….maybe I overlooked it.

    Your testimony is such a blessings to learn about the miracle of Christ’s healing power. I am so glad that you have shared this experience and you’re sharing has only made me reach what I already knew….that I too feel that Jesus is calling me to share my testimony, very different from yours, but awesome in bringing us both through the trials and healings. I’m so grateful you are healed and yes, I will pray and ask that your healing does stay complete. What a remarkable story to share. You seem like such a wonderful lady to learn to know.

  12. April 28, 2009 8:26 am

    Beautiful testimony! We serve a stage 4 God and more! I am so glad I stopped by, as Laura posted about you on her site. What a blessing you are to all. Continue to share as He is, indeed. watching over YOU!

    Adding you to my blogroll sister,

  13. Isaac Obi permalink
    July 31, 2009 9:32 am

    Lor, You and your family are already blessed.
    What I want you to know this morning is that our Almighty Father is still on His throne. The son, Jesus Christ is still interceeding on our behave.
    And the Holy spirit is still at work.
    And when our Father says yes nobody can say no.
    And when our Almighty father stands up for us, the power of sickness bows down.Our Almighty Father’s eyes are on you and He is saying “It is well with you soul. Sing with me Lori, It is well it’s well with our soul with our soul it’s it’s with our soul.
    Lori keep the faith, be strong,at the end all these waves we will dance a David dance at our wonderful church Braeswood Assy of God
    You are in my prayer always.

  14. June 19, 2010 8:20 pm

    I don’t know you Lori, but I wrote the pieces in Diagnostic Center. Thought you might want to know how it got started (video above). The only reason I write is for the mere chance that another might gain hope. You can’t fail a hope, only quit it. Thank you for driving forward. For most of the pieces you can go to and scroll down to Inspire. If you want all of them just email me and I’ll send them to you. May God keep you strong in the power of His might. Love you in the Lord

  15. Bonnie Bartel permalink
    December 24, 2010 3:54 pm

    Thank you so much for your testimony. I have just been diagnosed with Stage 4 Carsinoma breast cancer. Yes, it is a shock and no I am not going to worry because I know WHO holds the future and I will trust in Him with all I have. I too have many people praying for me and I agree with you that is the best thing anyone can do for us. I will pray for you and pass along your website to others. May God continue to hold you in His mighty arms. You are loved, Bonnie


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