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November 21, 2010 – The Comfort Of A Loving Hand On Your Shoulder

November 21, 2010

This morning I felt crummy. Big surprise, right?  Not that I intend to be negative or anything, but it’s just a fact that some mornings are particularly tough for me.  Chemo drugs, taken twice daily, on top of all the other drugs in the arsenal just leave me feeling Blech! most mornings.  Fortunately, it often gets better from there.  I generally have pretty decent afternoons.  Woo Hoo! (yes, that was sarcasm you detected.  Sorry ’bout that.)

This morning was no different, as evidenced by how little effort I put into preparing a “look” for myself.  No, there was no primping and planning – it was actually more like,”What’s clean and doesn’t need to be ironed,” as I stood in my closet.  Slipping on a tunic and pair of pants, the “look” was done.  I think the “look” could be defined as “simple, yet unwrinkled.”  There.  Done.  Slap on a little makeup, brush my teeth, run a brush through my hair and pile into the car before my mind and body has a chance to say, “Whoa there, little missy, where do you think you’re going?  You’re in no condition to be out in the world.  You’re not ready for it, and they’re not ready for you (at least not in that outfit!)  Really, what you need is a few more hours of sleep and more anti-nausea drugs.

Church is a priority for John and me, though.  It takes a lot for us to hit the snooze button and admit that the day has conquered us so early.  It was important to me that I be in the Lord’s house today so, ready or not, there we went.  We sat at the back of the church, thinking we may need to make an quick escape if things turned worse, and I didn’t even notice who was sitting around us.  Terrible how we can become so self-focused that we miss such important details.

Then I felt this hand on my shoulder and Renesa, a beautiful, strong woman of faith in our church leaned across the row of chairs to give me a hug.  It meant so much.  It felt so good.  Then, during worship, when I could no longer stand, I sat down and soon felt her hand again on my shoulder and, though I couldn’t see her or hear her, I literally felt her prayers for me.  The comfort and peace of that selfless act moved through me, starting in my heart and moving  to my soul where God dwells and speaks to me.  He whispered, “Comfort.  Peace.  Love.  Take it in.”  And, like life-giving breath, I did take it in.

We never really know the impact we have on another’s day or life by our simple acts of love and kindness, but Renesa’s hand on my shoulder this morning moved me closer to my blessed Redeemer’s loving nature. 

I may not have been able to pull off a great “look” for church this morning, but I left with more of the love of Christ because of one person’s loving, ministering hand on my shoulder.

Who have you touched today with love, kindness, comfort or encouragement?  Listen to the voice of the Father when He asks you to be His hands extended to someone in need.  It’s a blessing that you can give away over and over again and never ever lose your resource for giving away more!

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  1. November 22, 2010 9:21 am

    Wow. What a beautiful thing. Thank you for the reminder. I often get caught in my own world and forget the impact of being open to others in obedience and prayer. I hope you have a strong week and find rest in Him and that peaceful joy.

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