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January 10, 2011 ~ They’re Grrrreat!

January 10, 2011

Two days.  That’s what’s got me shouting ‘They’re grrrreat!’  Two days without pain, without shortness of breath, without the need for a handicapped tag on my car, without the need to stop and rest after every dozen-or-so steps. 

Saturday morning we decided to go out for breakfast, as we often do to celebrate the beginning of the weekend.  We’d eaten heartily at Mimi’s Cafe, discussed my reading of the book ’90 Minutes In Heaven’ and the goodness of God in the midst of such devastating circumstances as the writer found himself.  It was a good breakfast, and a good conversation.

After breakfast we stopped off at H-E-B grocery store and John ran in to get some Burt’s Bees lip balm for my chapped lips.  These days I’d gotten used to staying in the car while John ran most of my errands – it had become just too hard.  But he was taking a long time.   Too long.  Because I’d had 3 cups of coffee and a tall glass of water – well, you can imagine what I found myself needing.  Yes, the ladies room.  But I dreaded the thought of it.  I didn’t know this super-store H-E-B and had no idea where to find the ladies room, much less know if they had benches or chairs where I could rest along the way.  But eventually there was no getting around it – I had to go in and find my way to that much-needed room.  As I entered the store, I looked right and then left, and spotted it – clear across the entire store!  And no benches along the way!!  I didn’t know how I’d make it, but figured I’d need to stop and lean against a wall to rest before continuing.  I worried, and thought, and thought and worried.  Then I realized something – I was making my way across that great spance of space and I didn’t need to rest!  I wasn’t out of breath!  I wasn’t in pain!  In fact, I thought I might even be able to sprint to the ladies room (but I figured it’d be misunderstood, if you know what I mean!)

When I returned to the car, John was already there, and I told him what had happened.  We were both overjoyed, and the remainder of the day was filled with doing all the mundane things I’d been missing (mostly shopping!)  We went to Target and WalMart and didn’t use our handicapped car tag, but walked all the way from the hither regions of the parking lot, and were thrilled to do it!  We shopped all over the stores – grocery, pharmacy, pet products, hardware – everywhere!  I never needed a bench, never stopped to lean against a post or catch my breath, didn’t cut the day short so I could rest.  It was fabulous!!!

Then, after a wonderful night’s rest, I woke up to the same great feeling!  We went to church (it’s been a while for me), and I was able to stand – STAND!! – throughout the entire worship portion of the service.  What a blessing!  It’s been so long since I could do that, and it grieved me to be sitting while everyone else was standing.  I felt as if I weren’t offering my very best to our Lord.  Oh, I know He understands my limitations, but still it was MY desire to honor Him in that way.  What joy!  What elation! What a treasure to be with my friends at church, standing and worshipping Him along with them!

The rest of the day was the same.  We ran errands, enjoyed lunch out with our youngest son, Donovan and his sweet girlfriend, Julia, and never once did I slow down!

We take for granted all these abilities that God gives us, but when you’ve missed healthy mobility for a period of time – oh the joy when it returns!!

I am writing this post in the middle of the night – I just had to share the good news!  I feel good and am hopeful that our ‘two days’ extend into three, and then four, and then so many days in a row that I stop counting and just continue LIVING!

I’m aware of all the prayers that surround me by great intercessors who haven’t failed, through these difficult years, to offer me up to our Savior  for healing and a miracle.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  You are the unsung heroes in the Kingdom, but your prayers are effective and will bring forth much joy and life.  I am so grateful to you, and to the Lord for all He has done for me, whether the day was grrrreat or not.

But when the day is grrrreat, it’s the best!!!!


December 28, 2010 ~ Giggle Time!

December 28, 2010

With Christmas just behind us, and the kiddies all playing with new toys, I thought this was timely —- and pretty funny too! 

Let’s get to the task at hand, and . . .

November 29, 2010 ~ Surprise!!!!

November 29, 2010

This is too cute!  (Remember that I told you I thought I was part mouse.)  Looks like he just learned there was a worldwide cheese shortage!

“Surprised Mouse!!!!!!!,” courtesy of YouTube:

November 26, 2010 ~ Let The Christmas Season Begin!

November 26, 2010

Here’s a funny little ditty for you before you get out there on Black Friday to do battle with all the other shoppers who are in your way on the road, in the parking lot, in the mall, at the store, at the checkout line, and back again. Have fun!  I’ll be thinking about you while I sip hot cocoa in my jammies and slippers, shopping online!

Straight No Chaser – 12 Days (original from 1998), courtesy of YouTube:


November 26, 2010 ~ Giggle Time – Mama’s Had Enough!

November 26, 2010

Okay, this is pretty funny if you can relate at all to the scene this guy paints.  Forget, for a minute, that he’s got a mullet (we’ve all needed forgiveness for something, right?) and imagine that day in his boyhood kitchen when mama about had enough!  And when mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

“Mamma Had Enough,” comedy by Mark Lowry, courtesy of YouTube:

November 25, 2010 ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  Remember how very loved you are by our Lord, Jesus Christ.

“Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart,” courtesy of YouTube:

November 23, 2010 ~ Preparing My Heart For Thanksgiving

November 23, 2010

Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.   ~ Psalms 106:1

I was thinking about the Pilgrims, and then the Colonialists, and then even my grandparents’ generation and their traditions of Thanksgiving.  Compared to all we have now (I’m talking possessions here, not the things of real, true worth), their lives were spartan, tougher, and richer in some ways because they knew that their source was God.  Sometimes, and all too often, our generation thinks our source is ourselves.

Imagine that.  If our only true source was simply ourselves.  Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d be feeling that my source was mighty puny compared to what I face daily. 

My maternal grandparents were farmers on the South Dakota plains.  They had acres of land to plow and seed to sow and crops to harvest – and one day when I was young I went out with my grandfather to a beautiful field of blooming alfalfa and I asked him how much of that land was his, and I’ll never forget his answer.  He said, “As far as your eyes can see.”  That’s impressive when you’re a little girl!  Of course, I now know that his land went beyond my limited vision, because there were still cattle and horse fields, land set aside for the honey harvest (we were always sent home with a quart jar of their precious gold honey with honeycomb still oozing its delicious nectar.)  There was also all the land around their little wood frame house where the barn and windmill stood, where corrals held animals that needed tending, there were pig pens, and Grandma’s strawberry patch, a hand pump with a metal cup hanging there for a cool drink of water and, yes, even the old outhouse.  It was a lot, truly a lot, to care for.  But care for it they did, and without any modern irrigation or fancy equipment. other than a very old red tractor that my brother loved to drive.  No, it was just the two of them, Grandma and Grandpa, trusting God for the right amount of rain and sun to bring in a crop or make the fields lush for their animals’ wellbeing.  In droughts or floods there were lean times, and when the mix was just-right, there was greater abundance though they were far from wealthy.  And they were thankful,  exceedingly thankful, for all that God blessed them with.

Our lives are easier.  We may not own “land as far as the eye can see,”  but we have other things of worth – giant screen televisions, the latest computer or phone, a game system that’s the envy of all our kid’s friends, cars that can practically drive themselves and tell us when we’ve taken a wrong turn, and homes that seem to pretend they’re more than they are, sitting squarely on a postage-stamp sized lot.  And many who are doing well, accumulating all the precious “stuff” of modern life, think they are self-made.

Almost laughable isn’t it?  How far we’ve drifted! 

Open your heart to the idea, even the wonder!, that you aren’t all there is.  You aren’t self-made.  There is a greater, grander, purpose to your life.  You were created, after all, in God’s very own image.  He’s poured blessings into your hands, granted desires that your heart birthed, and loved you when you were unloveable. He saw in you, His purpose completed – when you placed your life in His trustworthy hands.  He gave you good seed to plant, in your own life and in the lives of others, and He showered that seed with the right amount of rain and the right amount of sun to cause it to flourish.

Each life, whether young or old, whether seeking high fortune, or content in a country rocker overlooking the fields they’ve planted, is precious to God.  And on Thanksgiving, as on every other day, we should give thanks – not scrimpy, stunted, begrudging thanks, but abundant thanks that flows out of a heart overflowing with gratitude for the precious gift of life He’s given to us.

 This Thanksgiving I’m grateful – so full of thanks – for the life God has given me, for the love He’s blanketed me with, and for the people, those that have crossed the finish line and are cheering me on, and those whose hands I hold, whose arms enfold me in their embrace, and who will share punkin pie with me on Thursday, our official day of Thanksgiving.

Are you preparing your heart for Thanksgiving?  It’s more than turkey and dressing, you know.  Whether your meal is meager or bountiful, it’s the gratitude that matters.  Thanksgiving is, after all, and above all, a heart-thing.